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There are many misconceptions about hair and its care. Once you know the truth, the solution for hair challenges becomes logical.
The biggest misconception about hair is that is alive. The truth is that hair is
only living matter at its base below the surface of the scalp.
Like the tip of one's finger nail, hair is dead and can be clipped
shorter and discarded.

We need to be concerned with preventative maintenance by creating
a healthy environment below the surface of the scalp,
where hair is germinated or born.
That is where Esteem Essentials comes to the rescue.

Just as we stimulate quality muscle growth through exercising and bringing protein-laden blood to specific body parts, we can do the same for our hair.
This is easily achieved by simply massaging your scalp, once a day,
while you shampoo and condition your hair. You'll not only have cleaner and more thoroughly conditioned hair, but you will have stimulated protein-supplying blood to feed the germinating roots of your hair.

Be careful to use only the pads of your fingers in small circular motions as you gently massage your scalp. Never use your fingernails for this purpose as you can cause abrasions to your scalp that could lead to infection and possible skin disorders.

Many people are misinformed that it is safer to detangle the hair
while it is dry. You need to understand that the hair can stretch
up to 50% of its length while wet without breakage, however,
while dry, hair will break before it stretches 25% of its length.
It is best to keep a wide-toothed comb in your shower to detangle 
and seal split-ends. M
any people turn fearful upon seeing their
hairbrush and shower drain filled with an excessive amount of their hair.
 Fact is that each strand of hair has a lifespan of 2 to 7 years before a
new hair begins to grow in its place. This means everyone sheds 50 to 80
hairs from their head everyday. If one has longer hair it may give the false appearance that they a shedding more hair daily than the average amount.
One should only be concerned if the hair being shed daily is not being
replaced by new hair growth. 

Esteem Essentials is designed for all hair types. From our Color Retention System to our Texture Outlay we have the products that will best suit your needs.
Experience a specialized combination of styling options that will perfectly transform your body and spirit. Our dedicated stylists will provide you with the utmost attention, courtesy and level of service so you don't leave your appearance to just any salon.  

Esteem Essential gift cards
and special packages make excellent gifts!

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